June 8th, 2017 – Dialogue Donderdag #24

Statistics & Algorithms: topics everybody knows, but hardly anybody understands

On Thursday June 8th, Online Dialogue organizes the 24th(!) Dialogue Donderdag (Dialogue Thursday). An (invite only) event – for clients, new and old relations – where sharing knowledge and thought leadership is our primary goal. From 14:00 – 18:30 you are welcomed into the world of Statistics & Algorithms: topics everybody knows, but hardly anybody understands, with speakers from and Euroflorist. At the end of the day we will discuss everything we’ve learned and share our experiences while enjoying some drinks and bites.

For the 24th Dialogue Donderdag we chose the topic Statistics and Algorithms since both are subjects that are often avoided, even though they are a fundamental part of CRO. We are pleased to have Lukas Vermeer of and Guido Jansen of Euroflorist, who will share their experiences with us.

Lukas Vermeer | Explaining statistical concepts through compelling stories and concrete examples

Dialogue Donderdag #24Almost everyone has learned some statistics during their study time. But did you use this during your career? Since many of you are busy with online experimentation, understanding statistics is very important. If you understand the statistics correctly, you are able to understand the results of your online experiments correctly as well. This is important since the results of experiments are used as input for new experiments most of the time.

Lukas will share some “statistical stories“ that have helped scale’s testing culture. Complex topics, such as early stopping rules; false positives and false negatives; sample ratio mismatch; and selective attrition, are all explained through simple stories that can help anyone understand their test results better.

The talk from Lukas is ideal for people who do not like statistics and maths, but who make decisions based on data from experiments.

Guido Jansen | How Euroflorist is preparing for Artificial Intelligence: changes to our optimization strategies.

Dialogue Donderdag #24How do you get to the best converting layout of your website? In this talk, Guido will show you how the current optimization process at Euroflorist is structured and he will explain how his team is preparing for the next steps in optimizing the Euroflorist B2C e-commerce platform through Artificial Intelligence systems. Will AI be more efficient and can it replace the regular A/B testing process? This new AI approach is a revolution in the conversion world, with a ground breaking promise all experts are looking out for. Let’s see how it’s being used in practice!

Both talks will take about 30 minutes. After each talk there will room for questions and discussions.

For each Dialogue Donderdag we have a set guest list. The event is only meant for clients and decision makers and we have a maximum of two people from each company. However, in case of cancellations we might have room for more guests. Do you want to be part of the 24th Dialogue Donderdag? Please fill out the form below:

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Programme Dialogue Donderdag June 8th:

14:00 – 14:30 reception / welcome

14.30 – 15.00 Intro Ton Wesseling

15.00 – 15:45 Lukas Vermeer of + Q&A

15:45 – 16:15 Break

16:15 – 17:00 Guido Jansen of Euroflorist + Q&A

17:00 – 18.30 Drinks and bites

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