Conversion Summit 2012 Links & Slides

Zoek je de online tuesday slides van Bart Schutz? Die staan hier.

Thank you that you are interested in the links and slides from our presentation @ Conversion Summit 2012. Great show in Frankfurt, thank you for having us!

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conversion_toolsIn the talk there were some tools mentioned that we use in our daily work. We’re not attached to them, but we like ‘m because their good and free or pretty low prices. There are way more tools out there, maybe even better in certain circumstances, but these are some we use:

  • Use a tool where you want it: Qubit Opentag: targeted tag management
  • Follow a user session: Google Analytics: visitor flow report
  • See a user session: mouse & keyboard behavior
  • User happiness feedback: answers injected in analytics
  • Product review API: Yelp: what do they think about whatever product?
  • Target based on historic profile: every detail you can think of!
  • How much engaged is someone?: your identity provider
  • Competitive intelligence API: website info to database
  • Social Environment API: most shared URL’s
  • On the fly landing page creation: instant landing pages
  • Drag and drop AB testing: change with a click

The Wheel of Persuasion

We showed you the complete wheel of persuasion. We are learning and learning which techniques work in what situation on the web. We would like to give you that knowledge and invite you to share yours to. We need more cases! Beta invites can be found at

The slides

Our slides can be downloaded as PDF here. They have more cases than we shared during our keynote in Frankfurt! A little bonus for downloading our slides 🙂 You can also use the slideshare application below to go through our slides (but it has some blank slides, the pdf has all the slides).

Ton Wesseling - founding partner

Ton Wesseling (1974) is een ervaren online rendement consultant. Zijn inhoudelijke passie vervult hij als oprichter van Online Dialogue en Hij spreekt regelmatig op optimalisatie congressen in binnen en buitenland. Daarnaast organiseert hij events als Digital Data Tips Tuesdays, Outperform Conference en Conversion Hotel.
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